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Hey there, 

It's Sam Musgrave here. 

After working for multiple large corporations in the accounting industry, I discovered the secret to building a 7+ figure business that most small business owners never understand. It has helped me to build our Advisory Business - Nine Advisory - to just over $1 million in revenue with a healthy profit margin, in just under 18 months. 

But my passion is not to keep it all to myself. I have watched small business owners struggle for years. I decided enough is enough. 

We have a vision to help 10,000 Australian Small Business owners achieve the same lifestyle or performance success. How are we going to do this? 

Using the same tools I did in my own business... 

Keen to know more?

I am going to give you the exact formula I have used, in a monthly, step-by-step process, working alongside you to ensure that you GET IT DONE RIGHT - for 24 months.

We are giving you a BETTER WAY to do business... and end the PAIN! 

That's why we created The Business Academy. 

To help you stop living in Groundhog day, and get you living the life you will LOVE, in a business that serves you and with profits that support your goals. 

We ran a trial workshop to test out the framework we are offering you on some business owners in our local area to see if they got the same results. Here's what they said... 
 "Business Academy is a highly effective and unique program to really put small business owners on track in those difficult and confusing stages of any business. It gave me confidence to move forward with specific, tailored goals and direction in place.” - Michael
“I didn't want to attend another business workshop - I’m a busy person. There are so many programs out there. This was the best thing I have done by far - I really love the way Sam cuts through and gives you strategies to really make a difference in your business. Highly recommended.” - Jake
“No stone goes unturned. The Business Academy is simple yet comprehensive and helped me totally rethink my approach to business... it is amazing how simply and easily these strategies can be implemented. Game changer. I’ve been really thrilled with the results" - David
My Team of Accountants Think I Am Crazy... 
The results we are seeing in the businesses we are already working with are just like our own. These business owners have been able to scale effectively AND get their lives back. 

Which is why I am extending this offer to you... 

We are launching our brand new Business Academy in just over a months' time.

To save your spot in the Academy, and to get FULL ACCESS when we start rolling this out, all you have to invest today is $1.

That's less that your morning latte... 

It's better than FREE for you! 

Here's how... 

After the first month of training, this course, and the insight that I offer you will get you some BIG WINS that you can immediately start applying in your business... these are expert strategies that can help you generate more money OVERNIGHT without extra hard work... 

Just small shifts can make a huge difference in the types of people you work with, and the way you charge for your services. 

So for just $1 you could potentially add an extra $5,000 to your revenue in under a month. 

Only after you go through the first month, and see how simple and yet effective this education is, then you will be added to our monthly subscription at a ONE TIME DISCOUNTED RATE of $49 per month. 

We will not be offering it for this price again. 

My accounting team think I am crazy - this is crazy - but this is how much I want to see the success rate for small business in Australia increase. Let's get you out of the Wilderness... 

24 Months Program
Guaranteed to scale your business

Formula laid-out, not thought up as you go along

The same strategy we use with our 
$2 mil + clients
Structured Curriculum
Development of process & systems through a structured program

Access to our range of Pillar Partners

A library of documents built as you progress
100% Accountability
Fortnightly calls with your progress monitored

Community of like-minded people to keep you on track

Implementation guides and advice
Why is the Business Academy So Effective?
  •  Benefit: Years of experience and advice broken down into monthly step-by-step process for immediate implementation over a 24-month period.
  • ​Featured: Tailored monthly education and LIVE calls with experts from various industries such as finance, marketing, insurance, HR and leadership. PLUS a community of likeminded individuals to network with & to help keep you ACCOUNTABLE
  • ​Full Access: We give you full access to our entire library of templates, plans, and guides. Everything you need to build your teams, your financial structures and your systems. 
  • ​Guarantee: Cancel your subscription anytime if you feel you are not getting enough value
There is a reason we call this an academy... it's not for everyone. 

It takes commitment to scale a business. And it takes a change in thinking... 

You simply can't scale your business to 7+ figures with the same thinking that got you to where you are today. 

Are you ready for change? 

This is for you if you done with the HUSTLE - the constant grind of constantly looking for new work, writing new proposals and having lengthy conversations with time-wasters... 

This is for you if you are ready to free yourself from the overwhelm - the weight of work that comes at you from various sources on a daily basis... and it seems to never end... 

"Busy" is not something to be proud of. 

This is for you if you haven't had a decent holiday in over 12 months... 

This is for you if you want to build a business that you are PROUD of... not one that embarrasses you, or you resent.

Ready to make the word 'No' your best mate so you can build a brand worth your time and your energy?? 
"Business is a game. Play it Smart."
I sat down with a business owner the other day, after spending just two months working alongside their team to start implementing a strategic plan, and working through some of their immediate needs for their next stage of growth, and he looked like a different man. 

When I met him and his wife (co-team) they were stressed out, panicking about the sudden growth they had experienced, and thrashing around trying to make ad-hoc short-term decisions to try and put out the fires. 

You just don't make good decisions in that position. 

So we worked through, step-by-step where they were at, and what success really looked like for them in three to five years. Then we laid out a 3, 6, and 12 month plan to manage the current state and ensure sustainable, long-term growth towards their goals. 

With just a few small adjustments in those first two months, they are now well on their way to increasing their revenue this year by over 40% on what they did last year. 

But better than that - the overwhelm is gone. 

Clarity and well-thought out decision making is the new norm. 

Proactive business advice that is fully supported is not common in the business world. 

Most advisors are out for what they can get...

Most business programs are designed to take your money, and leave you swimming around in content overload that eventually drowns you - and you find yourself back in the overwhelm.

We guarantee the Business Academy will change how you do business forever... or we'll give you your money back. 

Would It Be Worth It If...

You got to spend 2 hours per month with Our Pillar Partners?
Including our founder, and other experts in marketing, finance, sales, IT, HR and every other area of your business you need guidance with. 

You got access to our library of templates, checklists, processes, tools and loads of step-by-step resources? Our consulting clients will kill us, but they pay thousands and thousands each month for access to our library of knowledge – we are going to give it to you.

We broke the business puzzle down into easily digestible pieces for you to focus on and action? We focus on ONE precise part of your business with you every month – focus, focus, focus. To make sure you execute before we move on to the next piece. 

You had a coach beside you in your business, helping you along the way, bridging the gaps, pushing you when you get tired, encouraging you and giving you the precise next steps to get the next piece of the puzzle in place? We know that execution is the key to success – so we are beside you every step of the way, for the next 2 years!

You Only Pay $1 Now To Enrol TODAY & Then Only Pay The Monthly Fee Once You Feel It is 10x More Valuable Than The Asking Price! PLUS Limited Time Monthly Subscription of $49! 
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